HistoSafe Enhancer Unmasking Solution, (04x)-Concentrate

Preatreatment Reagent for unmasking of FFPE-IHC Sections

250 ml


HISTOSAFE-ENHANCER is a novel technology developed by LINARIS to enhance or enable staining results on formaldehyde-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue.
Monoclonal antibodies can now be used successfully on paraffin-embedded material when the use of proteases has been unsuccessful. Polyclonal antibodies also often give better results when tissue sections have been pre-treated with HISTOSAFE-ENHANCER.
Formalin fixation can mask epitopes due to cross-linking and make them inaccessible for antibody binding. Treatment with HISTOSAFE-ENHANCER breaks up these crosslinks. As a result, both intracellular and membrane antigenic determinants are unmasked and made accessible to antibodies.
This means that numerous antibodies that were previously not paraffin-embedded can now be used routinely on fixed kerosene sections for the first time.
With the aid of the enhancer solution, it is possible to visualize antigens in the test material without the use of proteolytic enzymes. As a rule, treatment with HISTOSAFE-ENHANCER produces better results than pretreatment with citrate buffer in the microwave.

  • 6 ml, ready tPacking 1 bottle of HISTOPRIME® HISTOSAFE-ENHANCER (bottle, 250 ml; 4 x concentrate)
  • Fill up 100 ml Enhancer (4-fold concentrate) with 300 ml distilled water.
  • Slowly heat ready-to-use Enhancer solution and deparaffinized sections in a cuvette in a water bath to 96°C, incubate for 15 min to 20 min (tissue and antibody dependent) in the hot solution.
  • Allow sections to cool for 2 min.
  • As an alternative to the water bath, treatment with the HISTOSAFE-ENHANCER can also be performed in the microwave. Heat twice for 5 min at 750 W with a 5 min break. After heating, the sections are left in the hot enhancer solution for another 10 to 20 min. With higher microwave power, the irradiation time may have to be shortened. Treatment with a steamer for 1 h is also possible.
  • Rinse in standard laboratory buffer and continue routine immunohistochemical procedures with the primary body and all other usual steps.

To date, the HISTOSAFE-ENHANCER has been successfully used in unmasking the following antigens:
Pan-cytokeratin, cytokeratin 14, estrogen receptor, PCNA, CD45, CD45RO, CEA, chromogranin, desmin, EMA, GFAP, lambda chain, P-glycoprotein, p53, vimentin.


250 ml



Storage Temperature

20 °C

Shipping Temperature

20 °C


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