LinBlock (enough for 250 staining)

Blocking Reagent vor Immunohistochemistry

50 ml


The use of antibodies from the same species is a common problem in immunohistochemical double staining. The “LinBlock” reagent removes the antibodies from the first staining and avoids cross reactions with the second staining. Besides the removal of the antibodies and also the simultaneous blocking of the enzyme system allows the use of two chromogenes of the same enzyme system. This application is most suitable when the antigen expression is localized on different cell membranes. A basic rule is to use the antibody always first which gives the best and clearest reagent product in single staining. Preferably also the antigen with the lowest expression should be stained first.

The LinBlock can be used for cryostat as well as paraffin sections.

There is a limit to each method: The antigen expression in the same cell e.g. nuclear/cytoplasmic or the localization of both antigens on the same cell surface often require different enzyme systems for a successful application. Thereby the antibodies should be used in the order of staining from the center outwards.

LinBlock was developed to make technical conditions easier and to improve results of double staining procedures.

  • Order No RAG0149LK – 20 ml LinBlock 2 vials each 10 ml (sufficient for approx. 100 applications)
  • Order No RAG0149PK – 50 ml LinBlock 5 vials each 10 ml (sufficient for approx. 250 applications)
  • Order No RAG0149UK – 100 ml LinBlock 10 vials each 10 ml (sufficient for approx. 500 applications)

The reagent is supplied ready-to-use

LinBlock has two functions:

It eliminates the antibodies of the first staining and inhibits the enzymes.

  • As far as possible two different enzyme systems should be used, when these systems were applied successfully in single staining.
  • Effective double staining depends on the quality of the single staining
  • Double staining can never be superior to single staining.
  • Normally monoclonal antibodies give a clearer result than polyclonal antibodies.
  • Staining artifacts of single staining add up during multiple staining
  • The more staining per section the more difficult it is to get a good result.
  • Combine only substrates which can be mounted with the same mounting medium.

Detailed Protocol

see Datasheet


50 ml

Storage Temperature

2-8 °C

Shipping Temperature

20 °C




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